GHC Campus Brand Ambassador

Wear it. Share it. Get paid.

We started this whole GHC thing on campus at Oklahoma State University, and we're going back to our roots!  We are looking for active and involved college students, across all 50 states, interested in business, fashion, sales, marketing, social media, design, and getting real-world experience to help build or strengthen your resume.  
Our objective is to strengthen our brand awareness on your campus and surrounding area by utilizing campus brand ambassadors to promote & sell our branded apparel via online sales and acquiring retail partners to carry our brand in their store. Basically : wear it, share it, & get paid.

Our paid "GHC Campus Brand Ambassador" program is now taking applications for the Fall 2017 semester.  Email a 15 second application video to by July 31, 2016 to be considered.


Things that we want to know in your application video:
1) What's your name?
2) Where do you go to school?
3) How involved are you with campus activities or groups?
4) Why should we pick you?

Have any questions? Email

Not in college, but think you'd be a great brand ambassador for GHC? Email and let us know what makes you so great!